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Book Requests

Below are Amazon.com wishlists for folks behind bars. Unless otherwise noted, all books must be new, paperback, and sent directly from a major internet distributor. Make sure to select “gift registry address for _____” as the shipping address at check-out and DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE A GIFT RECEIPT. This is a NEW POLICY instituted by prisons to try and limit the number of books being sent!
Your purchase is Tax Deductible!  Please provide your accountant with the receipt from Amazon to receive your tax deduction!

Adrien Neil is interested in reading about metaphysics, self help and eastern philosophy.  She is also a big Maggie McNeill fan!  (Release Date 10/2023)
Abigail Adams wants to read about the Warrior Goddess and how to get peace from within! (Release September 2025)
Adama Kurneh is interested in fiction and self help
Adelita Guerrero is a fashionista who would like fashion magazine subscriptions and information about beauty industry
Alesia Seadrow is looking for communication and information about outside resources.  She likes journaling and reading science fiction.
Summer O was a stripper in Tampa and is doing time for have 20 grams of marijuana in the strip club
Judy C is interested in getting a good job when she is released in 2020.

Tracey H – Reentry / General Reading schedued for release in 2020

Alexis Como – Self Help, Reentry, Urban Fiction
Alesia Murphy – Self Help, Reentry
Adama Kurneh – Self Help, Louise Hay, Coloring books and Puzzle books
Alisia Rudd – Paperback novels, self help and selt esteem
Alisha Walker – Composition books and books on creativity and art – loves fashion magazines
Alishia Williamson – James Patterson Novels and True Crime