Are you a leader in YOUR community that would like to provide training and share resources?

Take advantage of our training and toolkits for a variety of projects that will strengthen and protect ALL sex workers!

This handy kit comes with everything you need to provide a KNOW YOUR RIGHTS training workshop in your community!


Our toolkit for book donations to county jails makes it easy and fun to gather support from your community!


You can help SWOP gather data and eliminate research fatigue by using this handy Data Collection Tool to record the activities, events, presentations and conferences that you participate in.  Its simple and easy and the data collected will be available to all SWOP Chapters as well as other Sex Worker Led Organizations and individuals that are doing great work in their community.  The next time you schedule an outreach event – download this FREE APP to your iPhone or android device and login using our community login (email us for this login and password information) and contribute to data collection for sex workers in the USA!

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Data Collection

Grassroots Organizing is hard work and reporting back can be time consuming and exhausting.  SWOP-USA and SWOP Behind Bars have partnered to bring sex worker rights organizers tools for Outreach.  Ask how we can reduce you research fatigue and still track your efforts!

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