Creating Community for Incarcerated Sex Workers

A chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP)

Why is the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) Behind Bars?

SWOP Behind Bars provides community support for incarcerated sex workers and connects incarcerated sex workers in US prisons and jails to the sex worker rights movement. A significant percentage of sex workers are people who are incarcerated for prostitution and prostitution-related crimes, and these individuals are disproportionately affected by laws that criminalize sex work, as well as stigma, violence, and their related challenges to reenter their communities. We work to support and build relationships with individuals most affected by these laws and provide incarcerated sex workers with information, linkages to individualized, comprehensive case management, and skills they need to become leaders and partners with the sex worker rights movement. We call attention to the violence, stigma, and discrimination that occur against sex workers that are perpetuated by the criminalization of prostitution. We provide a monthly newsletter, books, study materials, and sex worker pen pals for incarcerated sex workers. Upon release from jail or prison, we strive to help sex workers meet their basic needs, and we provide resources, networking, and linkages for successful reentry into their communities.

Paralegal Scholarships Awarded December 17th, 2016

SWOP Behind Bars awarded three scholarships to Blackstone Career Institute's Paralegal Certificate Program on December 17, 2016 in honor of International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.  These scholarships were awarded to Anissa, Paul and Sarah, who are...

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10 Ways To Help Incarcerated Sex Workers

Ten Things You Can Do To Support Incarcerated Sex Workers Add Someone to our Newsletter! If you know someone who is in prison we can send a newsletter to, there is a form on the FRONT PAGE of the website that makes it easy for ANYONE to add the...

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Forge a Way and Persevere

Post by Amber Batts I was arrested July 9, 2014 for sex trafficking. I’m an Alaskan, born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, moving to Anchorage in 1998. I was raised with an independent streak that is common among many Alaskans: forge a way, persevere, and even when no...

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Send A Newsletter Inside!


SWOP Behind Bars mailed its first newsletter to incarcerated women from 7 states in the United States. The names were submitted anonymously and we appreciate the support from the sex worker community as well as all the writers and journalists and academics that live among us and who have pledged support and offered further assistance!