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SWOP Behind Bars mailed its first newsletter to incarcerated women from 7 states in the United States.  The names were submitted anonymously and we appreciate the support from the sex worker community as well as all the writers and journalists and academics that live among us and who have pledged support and offered further assistance!

If you clicked on the link to the newsletter your first instinct might have been that its way too long!  And we agree!  Future newsletters will be four pages with an insert with a learning activity.  We felt this first newsletter needed more information about sex work and the SWOP Behind Bars project because there is nothing like it behind the walls of prisons and jails and many of the names submitted were not incarcerated with obvious links to prostitution or sex work.  The previous lives of incarcerated women are a different as our own.

Book Donations to the prison library at the Lowell Correctional Institution continue to flow in and again – we are grateful for all the support and attention this project has enjoyed in its brief lifetime.  Our Amazon Wishlist for Lowell has grown a bit so please consider sending a book listed there.

And lastly…Lowell is DESPERATE for more GED Study Guides.  It doesn’t matter which one you send…they are much appreciated!  They have a GED program in place but there are not enough independent study workbooks for people who really want to get this valuable certificate.  We DO have a resident that is willing to tutor and mentor others for the GED so the study guides are a really valuable resource!

Thanks again for all you have done to support our sisters behind bars.  We are STRONGER TOGETHER and we can make a difference in the lives of those who are incarcerated by letting them know we support them!


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