Book Requests

Below are wishlists for folks behind bars. Unless otherwise noted, all books must be new, paperback, and sent directly from a major internet distributor. Make sure to select “gift registry address for _____” as the shipping address at check-out. Otherwise, the book will get sent to you :-/

With the exception of folks whose name & address are already highly public through community mobilization around their cases, we’re keeping the full name and addresses of folks private. If you would like to order a book for something through a distributor other than, please email for the address!

Your purchase is Tax Deductible!  Send your amazon receipt to and we will send you a receipt!

Newest Wish Lists

These are the latest incarcerated sex workers who have requested Amazon Wishlists!

Angela K is interested in books about activism and some urban fiction

Felicia A loves to read crime and mystery novels

Mariala M loves crime and romance novels

Brandi M has 2 whole years to pass reading romance novels

Jennifer S loves mystery novels and general fiction

Tabitha P gets out in September and would like books on re-entry but she enjoys James Patterson novels occasionally

Courtney C wants to how to get a job when she gets out and about racism and activism

Ashley C loves the Pretty Little Liars series and they are reasonable priced!

Shikeena L goes home in August and wants information about re-entry and getting a job

Kimberly W enjoys fiction and sex worker rights material

MIsty loves to read about spirituality, astrology and numerology

Ginger C loves horror, urban fiction and Carl Weber

Patricia B wants to read cookbooks and christian fiction

Sunshine M is looking forward to some Urban Novels and SHort Stories

Kimberley W likes murder mystery, self help and info about sex worker rights

Amy P could use some positive material as she awaits her court dates

Amy S loves to read paranormal, fantasy (vampire, shapeshifter, dragons), historical romance

Ashley B is into urban softcover books

Ashley C can’t get enough Urban Fiction

Paul is really interested in sex worker activism and the laws surrounding sex work and sex trafficking!

Dominique love Urban fiction and wants to stay sober when shes released!

Heather only has a few months left and is hoping to find a good job!

Jenee like Urban Fiction and how to books!

Brandi S loves romance and Urban fiction

Debbie W is a comic book and cooking freak!

 Rachel P loves to read fiction and books about substance abuse

Jennifer N is interested in Sex Worker Rights and Cooking but she enjoys Urban Fiction and Romance

Jennifer S is interested in Feminism and Urban Fiction

Clesha P is addicted to the Cartel Series

Brianna C is a lover of the Cartel Series of Urban Fiction

Crystal P General Reading / Reentry / GED

Jaimie R General Reading

Cassandra H loves to read Urban Fiction

Celeste G is interested in education, psychology, romance and fiction

Doris P Addiction and Recovery / General Reading

Jacqueline T Recovery / Cosmetology /  Culinary Arts

Jennifer E Reentry / Recovery

Lorrey A R Reentry / General Reading

Maria D V Spanish Language Books!

Angie Mendoza – Angie is facing multiple charges following a prostitution sting due to non-evidence. She loves Hood Books & True Crime, and isn’t super-picky about reading materials! Grab her a book! Alix Tichelman – Alix Tichelman is an awesome lady & fetish model who got slandered by media when a Seeking Arrangement client, who was also a Google executive, overdosed. She was also initially charged with 1st degree murder and held in a maximum security facility for 18 months. ****Note – Lightly used books sent from an internet distributor are allowed**** Amy Heather Davis – Amy was in an abusive relationship with an individual who robbed and murdered one of her clients. Her abuser was not convicted. She was sentenced to life without parole. She has a strong desire to help IPV survivors & would like resources to facilitate self-help groups around trauma behind bars. ****Note – Lightly used books sent from an internet distributor are allowed**** Alesia W – Alesia would like to start a cleaning or other small business when she gets back to the outside. Help her out with books on small business management!

Amanda H – Amanda wrote us: “I was wondering if you could send me a self-help book (on addiction and healing from my past, self esteem, etc), I would appreciate it soo much! If you have a workbook that is relevant to what I mentioned, that would be especially great!”

April M – April M is an awesome woman who has JUST GOTTEN HER GED and is now looking for college preparation materials–especially college-level math, writing, and spanish books!

Breanna L – Reentry / General Reading

Cassandra F  Cassandra would Cassandra would love GED books and books on phlebotomy and drug abuse counseling!

Clevette L – Clevette L’s birthday is July 23rd! She’s an incredible peer-facilitator at her facility’s residency’s RTC (Residential Treatment Center). For her birthday, buy her a workbook which will better help her help herself and the women she works with! Crystal L  Crystal is awesome and is up for starting a peer-led suport group around reentry in Lowell. To support her in this, it’d be great if folks could send her books, worksheets, resources or offer mentoring and support around reentry, finding work with a convictions record, and group facilitation.

Crystal C – Reentry / General Reading

Cynthia G – Cynthia would like books about culinary and hospitality careers and reentry, as well as historical fiction and Elizabeth Peters novels for fun reading!

Darlene S – Darlene would like true crime books; she’s in recovery, and would also love meditations and positive affirmations books as well as a journal!

Heather G –Heather was given a 10-year sentence for a drug-related offense. Help get her some rad reading material, from this list or inspired by the items on it! Elizabeth Ann N – Elizabeth Ann is a mom who’s been going through quite a lot. She’s looking for books on codependency, self-esteem, trauma-healing, and addiction recovery. She’s especially into the Sarah Young “Jesus Calling!” series.

Helena F – Helena would *love* James Patterson books, christian books, daily readings and daily devotional books! She’s also interested in books about careers with animals!

Hope D – Hope D. would like puzzle books & composition notebooks for her birthday, on July 15!

Genet R – Genet is interested in careers in writing. She’d also love suspense and urban fiction books!

Jerri R – Jerri would love biographies, auto-biographies, self-help books, and books about beauty and exercise. Her favorite christian author is Max Lucado.

Jody L – Jody would especially like Buddhist workbooks and meditation, and says her prison library is incredibly Christian-centric. She would also like notebooks and journals. Her birthday is on October 10. Julia B. R. – Julia’s birthday is August 11! She is a a 78 year old African American woman who has been incarcerated since 1973. She’s looking for Spanish Language, trivia, cook, hymn, piano, and other books!

Janine M –

Katelyn S – Katelyn loves urban fiction and has requested we send her some — could you help her out with some reading materials? Kelly M – Kelly’s Birthday is August 9th! She’s looking for daily sobriety, devotional or inspirational journals and books to help her worth through substance dependency.

Laschelle H – Laschelle would *love* books — anything on human behavior, as well as general information about careers and job search. She’d also love a journal (cannot be blank)

Lashunda would love books on business and business management, job search, as well as “any books on life [she] can gain knowledge from and learn from.” She gave us some ideas of authors & books, which are on this list!!

Lisa L – Lisa is a mom of 8. She’s also a peer counselor at her facility’s residential treatment program. According to folks she has worked with, Lisa is a wonderful resource. Lisa is studying to become an addictions counselor. Get her books to help her study and make her an even better peer counselor Lisa T – Get Lisa some true crime, suspense, horror, trivia, or vampire books! Loveria G – Loveria really loves horror & zombie books, urban fiction, and a little romance on the side 🙂 Madeline J – Madeline J likes Sci-fi, Vampire, & Fairy books. She’s also looking for books about cosmotology and careers in the salon/beauty industry. Her Birthday is December, 27th.

Marilyn – Marilyn has asked us for inspirational books, especially on self-forgiveness!

Melissa B – Melissa has learning disabilities from an early injury that resulted in brain trauma. She wants to improve her spelling, vocabulary, and writing and reading skills. Her facility has limited space in adult education classes, and Melissa is not eligible to enroll. Help with self-study! Melissa Lynn J – Melissa would like books: on recovery, game books, fun, engaging books to pass the time! Melissa S – Melissa is currently in prison in New York. She loves chicken soup for the soul-style books and poetry. Michelle C – Michelle loves glitter, smiley faces, notebooks, hearts, & make-up. She also loves stationary to write letters with.  [Due to prison mailing rules, we’re including lots of journals with pretty pages to her list, rather than stationary. You can also send up to 10 notecard-envelope sets with white insides, 2-D, depressingly, no glitter.] Michelle H – Michelle is at a work camp that has a depressingly small library. She loves to read, especially true crime books, and is donating books back to the Lowell library after she finishes them.

Nadine has requested our help preparing for the GED, specifically the Math & Reasoning Through the Language Arts sections!

Nichole P – Nichole will be moving to a transitional house in August. She would like NA books to help her prepare for reentry! As will all facilities unless otherwise noted, books must be paperback, new, and shipped from an internet distributor. Sara E – Sarah is looking for addiction & recovery books.

Sara S – Sara S  loves urban and mystery books, she’s also artsy and has requested tattoo, airbrush, and cartooning books, as well as books on paper mache and paper crafts. She’d also love books on visual media and web and graphic design skills and careers!

Samantha H – Samantha is interested in careers in counseling and helping professions, and she’d love books on counseling, careers in counseling and addiction. Shannan L – Shannan would like books that will help her prepare to take the GED test!

Sheila G – Sheila would love books on resume and cover writing. She also is a HUGE James Patterson fan!

Susan M – Susan would **love** urban fiction books, which are particularly scare at Florida correctional libraries!

Tracey H – Reentry / General Reading

Taaka C – Taaka would like GED books, books on being a nail tech, as well as novels and self-help books!

Tiffany A – General Leisure Reading

Velma C – Velma would love true crime books by Ann Rule & Greg Olsen, as well as puzzle books!

Wanda P – Wanda is working to prepare for the TABE test. She has kicked butt–improvingg by 2 grade levels in the last 3 months– and would especially love math, vocabulary & grammar books! We’ve sent her composition notebooks, but she’d also love more than the 1x/person we have budgeted for!

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