SWOP Behind Bars is a registered 501C3 Non-Profit and all of your donations are tax deductible!  Your donation helps us meet a variety of needs that incarcerated women face while serving their sentence as well as a once they are released.  Incarcerated sex workers leave prison with nothing other than the clothes on their back, a bus ticket and $50!  You can help us make the transition easier by donating money so we can help them with the barest of necessities!  In addition to a monthly newsletter sent directly to those who are behind bars, we also connect folks inside of prison to pen pals on the outside and we create Amazon Wishlists for incarcerated sex workers for our community members to fill and we are working towards funding scholarship programs for college level learning opportunities so that they will have additional skills and knowledge for when they are released.

Join us Sunday July 3, 2017 at noon for a screening of


to raise money for scholarships for incarcerated sex workers